Community and Conservation

The New Neighborhood offers a unique opportunity to small businesses. Neighborhood commercial is defined as business uses that are compatible with the neighborhood setting, with low traffic impact, serving those who live in the neighborhood. Some examples are: Corner cafe, doctor or dentist, senior assisted living center, health club. Second floor residential uses are encouraged. This will help to create a scattering of compatible uses in the residential setting.

People can have privacy in their back yards. The front yards and sidewalks can offer the everyday social connections that feed the soul. The design review board will help the home owner position their homes and garages to ensure and optimize the privacy for owner and neighbors. The review board will also offer fencing and planting suggestions to assist the lot owners with their privacy concerns.

We hope to re-establish the long standing American tradition of “close-knit” neighborhoods similar to the community or neighborhood most people grew up in. The New Neighborhood is for the young and the old; however, we will work expecially hard to bring positive, committed young people with a history of community into the New Neighborhood.